Starting in October 2011, the IAARC Academy offers its newly established courses focusing on automation and robotics in construction and building technologies for professionals of the construction and building industry, architects and civil engineers as well as for mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, computer scientists, managers and health professionals.

If you work as a construction manager on site or as a precast concrete factory manager, if you want to modernize your construction company, if you want to develop new market niches, or if you are interested in the development and application of frontier engineering and emerging technologies and concepts in the field of the built environment: We show you how to rationalize your construction factories and sites by means of automated and robotized processes. We also introduce you into how to adjust existing buildings in a far sighted way to new customer needs such as caused by demographic changes.

The courses are focusing on automation, robotics of construction, services of building technologies, and the adaptability of buildings throughout their entire lifespan. The design philosophy is oriented towards closed loop components circulation in order to increase building components’ performance, and towards (re-)engineering and management of real estate for providing services to its tenants and users focusing on assistive geronto-technologies.

Our concepts are suitable for continuous customization and therefore being capable of providing solutions for rapidly changing needs. You can increase your competitiveness not just by improving efficiency but also by developing new market opportunities.

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